17 July 2023
Flow and Apex Group Collaborate to Revolutionize Private Market Infrastructure for Investment Managers

 An Alliance Merging Cutting-Edge Tech with Deep Industry Know-How

GLOBAL–(FINANCEWIRE)–In a transformative partnership designed to elevate the venture capital investor experience, Flow, a front-runner in private market infrastructure, has joined forces with Apex Group, a global financial juggernaut overseeing $3 trillion in client assets. This partnership synergizes Flow’s state-of-the-art technology platforms with Apex Group’s deep-rooted industry proficiency, optimizing fund operations and amplifying the investor journey.

The intricate labyrinth of the private market ecosystem necessitates fund managers to adeptly traverse an array of multifaceted and fragmented networks that present challenges at each phase of the fund’s existence. Enter Flow, the comprehensive Investor Lifecycle Management Platform, poised to integrate and expedite these networks through a rich blend of software prowess, structured identity frameworks, and harmonious integration with service providers.

Brendan Marshall, Flow’s Co-Founder & CEO, elucidated, “Our driving principle at Flow is to obliterate hurdles across the vast nexus of networks bridging investors, funds, and service providers. By allying with Apex Group and leveraging its unified global solution, we’re augmenting these networks, merging our open system architecture with their offerings. This symbiosis expedites the realization of private market strategies and fosters rapid capital-to-idea connections.”

Flow’s platform, meticulously crafted to support fund managers through each stage of a fund’s lifecycle, offers a plethora of features, including investor onboarding, a dedicated investor portal, data rooms, capital call management, and in-depth investor reporting. This modus operandi resonates perfectly with Apex Group’s comprehensive suite of fund administration and related services. Consequently, this alliance heralds an era of unparalleled investor management software and services, culminating in tangible cost savings for clientele and an unparalleled investor journey.

“Uniting with Flow brings to light monumental efficiencies for both entities, ultimately enriching the end investor and reshaping the venture capital landscape,” shared Georges Archibald, Apex Group’s Chief Innovation Officer & Regional Managing Director for the Americas. “Having collaborated extensively with Flow, the fusion of the dedication and innovation from both teams amplifies our service palette.”

To delve deeper into the offerings of Flow and Apex Group, interested parties are encouraged to visit Flow Inc and Apex Group.

About Flow Flow stands as a premier software entity, delivering a holistic investor lifecycle management platform tailored for private market fund operators. The platform empowers general partners to seamlessly raise and manage funds, all while offering a premium experience to limited partners. Flow’s arsenal comprises virtual data rooms, digital investor onboarding, and a myriad of dynamic workflows. Catering to nearly 300 investment entities and over 18,000 limited partners, Flow is committed to refining operations and fortifying investor relationships.

About Apex Group Originating in Bermuda in 2003, Apex Group Ltd. has ascended to global prominence in the financial services domain. With an impressive footprint spanning 94 offices and 12,000+ dedicated professionals across 38 nations, the group offers an extensive spectrum of services to a diversified clientele, ranging from asset managers and financial institutions to individual investors and family offices. Apex Group’s ethos transcends traditional financial offerings, emphasizing sustainable changes addressing environmental, women empowerment, and socio-economic issues.

Source: Yahoo Finance: Flow and Apex Group Announce a Partnership To Deliver a Streamlined Software and Services Offering for Venture Capital Funds