For Founders
What do we offer?

We build partnerships with talented entrepreneurs, helping them execute their business models. These partnerships are not just limited to equity financing; we can offer all the resources of our team, partners, and investors to turn the ideas of our entrepreneur partners into market-leading companies.

In addition to providing equity financing, we can offer founders the following help in building their businesses:

  • Bring in professional knowledge and specialized expertise from around the world
  • Generate new business opportunities by using our access to various global networks of entrepreneurs and executives in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific
  • Help structure domestic and international strategic partnerships
  • Help our portfolio companies raise follow-on financing using our extensive global network of technology investors
  • Use our experience and relationships to organize a successful exit
What do we look for?

We are looking to invest in startups which meet all or most of the following criteria:

  • The business addresses a large multi-billion dollar total addressable market. This may mean addressing a large existing market or a market which will likely become large in the next 10 years. It’s ok to start with a smaller market segment if there is a credible strategy to expand
  • The business has actual or potential network effects in its business model. We believe that network effects create strong barriers to entry for competition in technology companies
  • The founding team has relevant experience and respect for investors’ capital
  • We can invest in pre-revenue businesses with strong user growth, engagement and retention
  • We tend to avoid businesses with large capital requirements. We also do not invest in traditional e-commerce (sales of physical goods), advertising technology, gaming, and hardware companies


For blockchain / crypto projects, we also look for:

  • Teams that are product-focused
  • Blockchain must add real and critical business value to the product
  • For infrastructure/platform investments, we look for projects supported by the developer community