About Frontier Ventures

Frontier Ventures is a venture fund investing in early stage Artificial Intelligence companies with network effects in the United States and globally. Our investment team is based in the United States. The fund was founded by serial entrepreneur Dmitry Alimov, co-founder of IVI.TV, the largest entertainment video service for Russian-speaking consumers worldwide, serving over 60 million users globally.

Frontier Ventures partners with talented entrepreneurs to help them build global market-leading businesses. We stand out by helping our portfolio companies scale globally in Europe and the Asia Pacific, where our team has access to strong networks of technology entrepreneurs, investors, and tech company executives.  We open these powerful networks to the companies we invest in, which helps them scale across borders faster.

We also help our portfolio companies raise follow-on financing by giving them access to more than 1,000 US and global VC, growth funds, and family offices where we have long-term business relationships. Our founding team has more than 30 years of collective experience in venture investing, having backed over 50 early-stage companies.  Frontier Ventures is backed by family offices, technology entrepreneurs, and financial investors as limited partners. Most of our limited partners are current or former technology entrepreneurs.

Why are we called “Frontier Ventures”?

In the history of the exploration of North America, the term “Frontier” was used to determine the boundary between inhabited and unknown territory, where from the 18th to the 20th centuries, settlers developed new areas. Unlimited free land in this zone was available, and thus offered the psychological sense of unlimited opportunity. This, in turn, had many consequences such as optimism, future orientation, and shedding of restraints due to land scarcity. The development of new land to the West and the North of the United States became a catalyst for the settlement of the North American continent and its subsequent rapid economic development.

By analogy, the name of our fund – Frontier Ventures – is intended to symbolize the limitless possibilities that are open to entrepreneurs and investors in the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Our team and our entrepreneur partners share the spirit of optimism and belief in success, combined with a rational willingness to take risks to achieve great goals, which at one time united the North American pioneers during their advance towards the unknown.