Najam Kidwai
Venture Partner, Member of the Investment Committee
Dr. Kidwai is a partner at Alpview Capital and holds several Board and Advisory Board seats including 23&Me, Infomedia, Equidate, Boxed, EQUIAM, Fusion.Org and G3NiU7. He is the Founding CEO of two companies that have successfully IPO’d.
Dr. Kidwai has previously held investment roles at Edge Venture Capital ($100M Early Stage fund), Princeville Global ($300M Global Growth Fund where investments include and Auto1) and Stanford Research International (Investments to come out from Stanford Research include Nuance an innovator in voice, natural language understanding, reasoning and systems integration and Siri, now Apple’s AI voice assistant.
Dr. Kidwai was also the Founder and CEO of Real Time content, a proprietary Adaptive Media platform which exited to the NASDAQ listed Pitney Bowes.