Igor Gorsky
CFO, Partner

Igor is a top executive, entrepreneur and investor with over 20 years of professional financial and top management experience in leading international and Russian companies.

In 2006-2017, Igor co-founded Open Gate Technologies, Swiss-based aerospace technology development company, where he served as a President; ZAO Green Life Group, land development group of companies, where Igor was responsible for business development and investor relations, and LevelNet, US-based cyber security start-up, where Igor served as advisor on business model development and fundraising.

In 2010-2012, Igor served as First Deputy Managing Director in United Engine Corporation, one of the world’s largest gas turbine technology companies, with over 70k employees and US$2.5 billion in sales.

In 2002–2006, Igor served as Senior Vice President and CEO of Special Steel Division of OMZ, public heavy machinery engineering company listed on Moscow and London Stock Exchanges. Igor was responsible for acquisition and operational integration of Skoda Steel and Skoda JS in Czech Republic. Under Igor’s management, OMZ Steel Division had become one of the world’s leaders in production of high-alloy products, supplied to customers in Western Europe, China and Russia.

In 1999, Igor served as a CEO to one of the Sputnik’s early stage development portfolio companies, which he managed to grow to become one of the industry leaders, from 80 to over 3,500 employees, in three years.

In 1997, Igor joined the team of Sputnik Funds, a $1bn private equity group.

In 1992, Igor has started his career in the audit practice of Moscow office of Deloitte. During five years he served largest Russian manufacturing clients, had been assigned long term projects in the UK and the US and promoted to the Manager position.

Igor graduated from Economic faculty of Moscow State University in 1994. He also holds dual MBA degree from Northwestern University and Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology.