21 November 2016
Frontier Ventures Launches New Advisory Program for Early Stage Tech Start-ups

Frontier Ventures  is looking to engage with interesting early stage tech companies and is planning to take on strategic advisory roles with 1-2 tech companies in the next 6 months. Over time, Frontier Ventures will seek to invest in the most promising companies they advise but the initial focus will be on helping founders build the business and achieve success.

What type of company Frontier Ventures is looking to back:

  • Internet company (consumer or business to business) addressing large markets with potential to generate over $100m in revenue within 5 years
  • Business models with strong network effects
  • Customer traction is preferred with only exceptions being pre-product companies founded and managed by serial entrepreneurs

The value Frontier Ventures can bring as advisor:

  • Frontier Ventures’ team includes tech entrepreneurs who have built several sizable companies. Dmitry Alimov (Founder and Managing Partner) co-founded (Russia’s largest online video business, “Netflix of Russia and CIS”) which developed into the regional market leader with 30m monthly users in 12 countries. Previously, Dmitry and his partners built Russia’s largest TV production business
  • Frontier Ventures’ team  extensive principal investment expertise: the team has invested in many leading companies globally (tech and non-tech, at all stages from angel to private equity); this includes over 30 tech companies backed to date. Many of the Frontier Ventures’ investees have become market leaders in their respective markets and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in follow-on financing (usually with Frontier Ventures’help). In tech, Frontier Ventures has invested in over 15 online marketplaces and looked at hundreds more across a range of verticals (both consumer and business to business) and geographies
  • Frontier Ventures’ team can help tech startups look at their business from the investor standpoint, fine tune their strategy and positioning, and help them navigate through the fundraising process. The team brings access to a strong global relationship network covering US, Europe (including Russia/CIS), Asia, and Australia, including:
    • Relationships with many leading global entrepreneurs and tech execs which can be helpful to the companies Frontier Ventures can advise in several important ways, including sharing of experiences and learning from others’ costly mistakes, creating partnerships and as a source of market intelligence
    • As a Harvard Business School alum, Dmitry has access to its alumni network of over 78,000 alumni, strongly represented among tech entrepreneurs and investors
    • Frontier Ventures has co-invested with or otherwise has relationships with numerous venture and private equity investors worldwide, which can be very helpful for fundraising

If interested, please contact Dmitry Alimov at with your investor deck or a brief description of your company and team; in your message, please address why you believe your business has/will have strong network effects.