Investment Focus

Our Fund provides investment capital and support to rapidly growing, early-stage consumer and business to business technology companies globally. Frontier Ventures main focus is on investing in companies with strong network effects. Examples include marketplaces and communication and software platforms.

What type of entrepreneurs do we support?

Market Position

We believe that having strong founders is the most important success factor for any technology company. Our partner entrepreneurs are talented and flexible people, dedicated to their ideas and capable of executing them. We value prior entrepreneurial experience in our potential partners.

Our goal is to back market leaders in each sector we invest. To do so, we try to understand each company’s strategy, and how, when executed, will enable this company to become the leader in its sector.

Stages of Investment

Capital Requirements

We invest at early-stage, Seed to Series B for initial investment. We look for businesses with user traction and preferably revenue but in exceptional cases we can consider earlier stage companies when they are led by serial entrepreneurs. 

Frontier Ventures usually provides companies in its portfolio with up to $5 million in capital. In some cases, we may consider even higher investment amounts, whereby we would typically bring in co-investors.

Geographical Focus

We invest globally, with the current main focus for new investments on United States and Asia.