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Our Investment Philosophy

Frontier Ventures is a venture/growth capital fund, established in 2011, to invest in Internet companies in emerging markets. Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs to build market leading businesses. The Fund’s Partners are "serial entrepreneurs" themselves, with a track record of creating successful businesses from scratch.

Our Partners  have years of experience in principal investment - but what sets us apart is that we know first hand what it means to be an entrepreneur. Building a successful business is not easy and we understand the challenges faced by the founders of Internet companies. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs realize their boldest and most ambitious ideas. The support we offer goes well beyond the capital we invest, as we aim to contribute our experience, network of relationships, strategic judgment and market knowledge to the success of the ventures, which we finance. We do not impose our point of view on our partners – we understand that they are in charge of their businesses and that we are minority partners. However, we are always ready to offer our help when our entrepreneur partners need it.

We believe that the world is at the onset of a business revolution, which will lead to fundamental changes in many sectors of the economy. The engine of this revolution is the Internet, conventional and mobile, which enables new industries and business models, which were simply not possible before. Our role is to create new market leaders in this new, dynamic environment.